Majamas Nursing & Maternity Sale

Zulily is having just a super sale today on Majamas, one of my favorite brands for nursing and maternity clothes! Majamas has somehow found a way to make nursing clothing attractive and functional and comfortable. Honestly, I bought my first pajama set just because they were the most stylish nursing “loungewear” I could find that wouldn’t make me feel frumpy- and the “functional” and “comfortable” parts were just an added bonus. ;) In addition to the pajama-type clothing, Majamas also makes really cute nursing/maternity dresses and tops- all of which are about 50% off at Zulily today! That’s a SUPER price on a brand that rarely goes on sale! The MJ Pajamas on the right are originally $62 and on sale for just $32! I think these would also make a lovely and thoughtful gift for a new Mama! Check out the whole selection here!

Happy Friday!

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