Sonicare for Kids & Ju Ju Be Be All

I’ve been doing a little research lately on ways to motivate 4-year-old BabyBargain to enjoy brushing his teeth. Okay, tolerate brushing his teeth. This Sonicare for Kids system came up more than once, and hey! Amazon has it on sale! It’s recommended for ages 4 and older, and even has a “kid timer” that increases brushing time slowly over 90 days to the dentist-recommended 2 minutes. That’s just smart engineering, folks. Originally $70, the Phillips Sonicare for Kids is on sale for $38 right now, 46% off! It is backordered, with a shipping estimate of 2-5 weeks- just enough time to warm my kiddo up to the idea.

And for the under-4 year old crowd, Amazon also has some super-amazing prices on some patterns on the Ju Ju Be “Be All” diaper bag. Coveted by baby boutiques, this fancy-yet-usable diaper bag is originally $140- but a few patterns are on sale for as low as $70- 50% off! My favorite of the bunch is the “Onyx Blossoms” pattern (on the left) for $78. Such a great deal!

Happy Monday, friends! Let’s make it a great week!

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