Super Cheap Baby Clothing

Babies are messy. And unless you enjoy doing laundry, it’s a good idea to have a few extra baby clothing essentials on hand in case the unlikely inevitable mess happens. I like to carry an extra bodysuit or two in my diaper bag “just in case”, and these super cheap ones are perfect for that- because you’ll be able to forget they’re there (until you need them,) and won’t be filled with regret 4 months later when you re-discover them and realize baby never got to wear the tiny super-cute train onesie you stashed away and isn’t he growing way too fast and my gosh we’re all getting so old. I’ve never done that. ;)

Anywho, these bodysuits are super inexpensive. Originally $9, this set of 4 Just One You (Carter’s) bodysuits is clearance-priced for just $3.14 at Target.com, 65% off! That’s just $.79 a bodysuit! There’s more crazy deals in that clearance section too, like a 2-pack of pants for $2.44 or a 3-piece set for $3.48! The sizes are a bit limited, but browse around the different colors and you’ll probably find what you need. These would be great (and useful!) decorations for a baby shower too! (Hang ‘em on a clothesline!)

Outgrown the Need for Baby Bodysuits?

These would make an excellent donation to your local women’s shelter or crisis pregnancy center!

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