Step2 Fresh Market Kitchen

This is probably going to make me sound a little OCD, but when we decided to buy a play kitchen, I obsessed over which one was going to be perfect for us. It’s not a small purchase (in cost or girth!) so I felt pretty justified burning the midnight oil comparing every tiny detail. With an older boy and a younger girl, I was looking for something that would engage both of them…and we ended up deciding on this one, the Step2 Fresh Market Kitchen. It’s a play kitchen and a play store, and comes with that cute register you see there, a bunch of accessories (food, baskets, bag) and even has some “working” appliances (stove burners, lights, register.) I really like that the shape can make a little kitchen “cubby”- we have ours setup with a little chalkboard and some of these little baskets hanging on this rack from IKEA behind it to hold extra “gear”. Anyhow, I love it. And the kids do too. So I was super excited to find a deal on it today! It’s originally priced around $230, but is on sale at Kohl’s today for $185, and you can apply coupon code MOM15OFF for an additional 15% off, AND it ships free (which I will tell you is no small feat, because we had to seriously reconfigure our car to haul this GIANT box home from the store we bought it from,) which will bring it down to about $157! That’s a super deal, but it’s even more super if you have a Kohl’s card, because then you can use coupon code SAVE30 instead of MOM15OFF for 30% off, making it just $130 (!) which is just a ridiculously good deal on this play kitchen! (As a side note, I noticed that one of the Kohl’s reviewers said that it was smaller than expected. We bought ours from a store in-person (not Kohl’s, tho) so I saw it first, but it’s the perfect height for our 4-year-old and our 18-month-old can still only reach the things on the bottom. I would say it’s the same size as any standard play kitchen.)

That was a lot about a kitchen. Happy Friday, everyone!

UPDATE: Thanks TotBargainer Jennifer for noticing that you’ll get either $20 or $30 of “Kohl’s Cash” to use later as well!

One more UPDATE: For comparison, Amazon sells this kitchen for $208!

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