Learning Resources Jumbo Animals

The great thing about little figure toys is that you just have to use your imagination to play with them. Make a zoo, build a habitat, use their “creature powers” (any other Wild Kratts fans out there??) I really like Learning Resources toys, and their sets of Jumbo Animals are very well reviewed and made of non-toxic, “dishwasher safe” plastic. I love a toy that cleans easily! Originally $30 (and for sale at most other large stores for that much,) eight different cute little sets are on sale for right around $20 each at Amazon, 31% off! On the right is the Jumbo Zoo Animals set of 5 animals- that giraffe is 13″ tall! You can check out the others- including the Farm Animals and Ocean Animalshere!

PS- These would make a great donation to a Children’s Hospital as well! You can check out some of our favorite places to donate new toys here!

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