Bumper-Free Crib Bedding Set

I was totally hooked on this concept the minute I saw it released. As far as I can tell, Skip Hop is the only brand that’s really making bumper-free crib bedding “cool.” It might be hard to tell from our top picture of the entire set, but check out the pic on the left- that cool contrasting border makes the crib sheet look like there’s a bumper with it. I think that’s so smart! I’ve been waiting for a bargain since the bumper-free bedding sets were released months ago, and finally this pretty chocolate lattice pattern has been marked down- to the lowest price I’ve ever seen! Originally $120, the Skip Hop Bumper-Free Crib Bedding Set includes the crib sheet, crib skirt, nursery blanket, and wearable blanket, and is on sale at Amazon today for just $74 with free shipping, 38% off! (Amazon says there’s only 13 left in stock, so hurry!) I think this set would look amazing with Robin’s Egg Blue walls, no? Maybe some crisp white molding… I digress. If you’re interested in just the complete sheet on it’s own, you can see all the available styles here. They’re around $24 (with some on sale for $20). They’d be great on a toddler bed too!

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