Bargain Children’s Books

Yeay, bargain books are my favorite! Barnes & Noble’s online store is my favorite place to get them, but sometime I’ll go browse over there and come up empty-handed. Today I went browsing and easily filled up my cart with $3 books! There’s a couple things you should know about “bargain books” if this is your first time. First, they’re publisher overstocks- brand new, but sometimes there’s a mark on the cover or on the book’s edge. This can make them difficult for giving as gifts (you’re never quite sure what you’re going to get,) but ideal for reading with a child who will almost certainly do his fair sharing of “marking” anyway. The most important thing to know about bargain books, however, is that they are CRAZY discounted. It’s a great way to build a little book nook! Like my favorite find today, Princess Baby Night-Night, retails for $15- but the hardcover bargain book is on sale for $3! That’s 80% off! I love this little book! You can browse the whole selection of children’s bargain books here. Orders over $25 ship free, or any order ships free for Barnes & Noble Members. Happy reading!

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